Abbreviations used on the database

Ratings field
Officers: First letter upper case
ratings: lower case
asst: assistant
rec: recruit
jnr: junior

Seaman Department
M: Mate
2 M: 2nd mate etc
2 O: 2nd officer etc
C: captain
mdshpmn: midshipman
bosn: boatswain
os: ordinary seaman
ab: able seaman
slr: sailor
smn: seaman
qtrmstr: quartermaster
app: apprentice
ht: home trade

Engineering Department
E: Engineer
2 E: 2nd Engineer etc
Ch E: Chief Engineer
Ref E: Refrigeration Engineer
elect: electrician
fmn: fireman
stkr: stoker
trmr: trimmer
f & t: fireman & trimmer
grsr: greaser
dkymn: donkeyman
WO: Wireless Officer
carp: carpenter

Catering Department
stwd: stwd
ch stwd: chief steward
mess stwd: mess room steward
2 stwd: 2nd class steward etc

Certificates field
Seamen competency certificates in 1920

There were three main numbering systems
1.home trade numbers are six digit and start with 1
2. Foreign trade numbers
either start with one zero, the earlier system.
start with double zero, for steamships (ss)
The number will stay the same for examinations passed as
second mate. (2m)
first mate. (1m)
ordinary master (oc)
extra master (ex c)

If the certificate was lost then a new number was issued.

Some officers moved from the earlier system to the steamship system of numbering.

There was also a numbering system for fishing vessels certificates

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