Central Index System:- Fourth Register of Seamen 1913-41

Three earlier attempts to create a central register for seamen had ended in 1857 and were not resumed until 1913. This register consists of three types of index cards held in four separate indexes.

CR1 and CR2 cards between 1913 and late1921 have been destroyed although the CR2 voyage information between September 1918 and December 1921 has been entered on to the CR10 card.

BT364 is different. It appears to have been begun in 1941 by collecting together all pre 1941 CR1,CR2 and CR10 cards for those regarded as active at the time and then added later CR1 cards until the individuals left the sea.

Central Index Register


BT3501918-21ca.300,000CR10 cards arranged by surname

BT3491921-41ca.300,000CR1 cards arranged by surname

BT3481921-41ca.400,000CR2 cards arranged by discharge no

BT3641918-60 ishca.200,000Men regarded as active in 1941 who later left the sea.
Mostly CR1 & CR2 cards arranged by discharge no.

The original records are held by Southampton Archives while The National Archives hold microfiche copies. Findmypast put the first three indexes online in 2011.

There is more information on this website on the elements of the system from the discharge book to the various types of record card.

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