Frequently asked questions

Who is in the database?

The 23,300 Irish born individuals detailed on a CR10 index card. They cover all jobs from master to cabin boy. There is one woman, recorded in error, Jemima Friars, a stewardess, from Lisburn, Co Antrim.

I have included every Canadian seaman I could find. There were around 1060 working from British ports. I have also included a small number of other nationalities who may be linked to specific events like the loss of RMS Leinster in October 1918 .

How can I obtain a copy of a CR10 card?

Contact Southampton Archives who hold the copyright. See ‘ordering copies.’

Why are there no voyages shown on an individual’s record card?

If he was on a home trade voyage then it was not usually recorded.

What is a home trade voyage?

Any voyage around the British Isles, including the Irish Sea, or to a port on the West European coast , from Hamburg in the north to Brest in the south.

What were the jobs in a coal fired engine room?

A trimmer shovelled the coal out of a bunker into a wheelbarrow and delivered the coal to the fireman, (or stoker in the RN). The fireman shovelled the coal into the boiler furnace. A donkeyman was a senior fireman who operated the auxiliary boiler (donkey boiler) when the ship was in port.

How complete are the CR10 card indexes?

From my research on Irish seamen, I suspect that one card in four is missing.

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